This year, that creativity has evaporated

“We also want to do a little more work on just bringing clarity to the rule while allowing our players more ability to express themselves and celebrate. We want to see that. We obviously want to put in reasonable safeguards against taunting and acts that we think reflect poorly on obviously all of us.

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I don think it was a performance thing for him. I think it was a numbers thing. Wyman. “We had a long, long run,” Newton said after the Panthers’ lost to the Falcons and fell to 6 9. For the first time since 2012, the team will miss the playoffs and Newton sounded as if he and everyone could use a break. “It’s time for guys to take a sabbatical so to speak and just get away from it.”.

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The Washington football club ought to ditch its slur of a trademark, voluntarily. It ought to do so on the grounds of basic decency and good taste, and, you’d hope, with an intelligent sense of history, context and place. If they won’t do it willingly, then the rest of us and their colleagues in the NFL ought to embarrass, jeer and cajole them into it.