The Texans’ record dropped to 10 5

4. Visas MarrAnother popular character from the Knights of the Old Republic series, and one I would recommend having. I am honestly not sure who the original maker of this figure was unfortunately. The Texans’ record dropped to 10 5, and they fell behind the New England Patriots, who beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, for the No. 2 seed in the AFC. If that stands, the Texans would miss out on a first round playoff bye and home field advantage in a potential conference semifinal.

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It’s time for the Seahawks to regroup and get things going, beginning with Sunday night’s game at home against the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals. But if that does happen, it would be nothing new for them. They were 3 3 last season, then went 9 1 thereafter to finish the regular season 12 4 en route to their second straight Super Bowl appearance..

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