Six players have at least one sack

Minnesota Vikings, 87 percent win probability Five Vikings defenders were nominated to the Pro Bowl last season end Everson Griffen, nose tackle Linval Joseph, linebacker Anthony Barr, cornerback Xavier Rhodes and safety Harrison Smith and the team hasn’t lost a step this season. Six players have at least one sack, and the unit has forced opposing teams to go three and out 42 percent of the time, tied for fifth best. The Vikings are allowing just 22 percent of red zone opportunities to result in a touchdown, second best after the Tennessee Titans..

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The coronavirus has a relatively long incubation period, and the disease progression in patients with severe illnesses also tends to be drawn out over several weeks. As a result, any spike in deaths will lag weeks behind a spike in infections. And the infection surges have consistently followed the loosening of shutdown orders and other restrictions..

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