San Francisco passed on its first six plays

Their meeting Sunday will be the second time in their combined 25 seasons in the NFL that they’ll play against one another in the postseason; Brees’s Saints beat Foles’s Eagles in the opening round after the 2013 season. It’s thought to be the third time in NFL history that quarterbacks from the same high school will play against each other in the playoffs; Terry Bradshaw and Joe Ferguson of Woodlawn High in Shreveport, La., faced off in 1974, while quarterbacking the Steelers and Bills. Sunday will surely be the first time two opposing playoff quarterbacks from the same high school both own Super Bowl MVPs..

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Across Pennsylvania, 5,155 residents in long term care facilities have contracted the coronavirus and died. These deaths account for over two thirds of all COVID 19 related deaths in Pennsylvania. With visitation restrictions, inadequate guidance from the Department of Health, and inexcusable PPE supply chain failures, the COVID 19 experience for family and staff in these long term care facilities has been tragic and heartbreaking..

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The NFL is tracking the number of players and other personnel who test positive for the coronavirus through teams’ newly established infection control staffs, Sills said Thursday, and is sharing that data with the NFLPA. The league has sent teams an extensive set of protocols for the eventual return of players to their facilities. The NFL and NFLPA still are working out the details of testing and treatment.

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