“Philando Castile!”Cheers erupted

When CBS sacked legendary Washington Redskins quarterback Sonny Jurgensen after six seasons as a color commentator on its NFL broadcasts in the summer of 1981, Andy Ockershausen, the general manager of WMAL Radio, saw an opportunity. Ockershausen offered Jurgensen a job calling Redskins games in the radio booth alongside Sam Huff and Frank Herzog. Jurgensen accepted, marking the start of that trio’s 23 years together, a remarkable stretch that included hours upon hours of laughs and three Super Bowl titles.

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Last thoughts:Another week, same takeaway: Aside from a few elite play callers, most of the QBs behind them are going to provide the same results most weeks. Week 2 was no exception. Perhaps the biggest letdown of the weekend was Drew Brees, who was limited to 263 yards and one TD.

One of the prominent themes that emerged in our mock draft’s chat room was how quickly owners became uncomfortable with their looming choices at running back. That led to holding my nose picks such as the suspended Ray Rice at 31, Ben Tate at 33 and Stevan Ridley at 43. (You can see more commentary on Rice in Team McMillan’s roster breakdown.).

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Latifah Saafir, 44, who hasbeensewing since she was10, designs fabrics and patterns for children. “There’s not too much out there in product lines for kids, soparents are happy to find these,” says Saafir, who is co founder ofthe Modern Quilt Guild. She says stores have increased their orders of her designs, hearing from parents that they needed ways to keep kids occupied.

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Read More Words: 617The Jacksonville Jaguars are a strange team. Every season, they seem to have the least talented roster in football, and destined for the first overall pick in the draft, and yet somehow or another, every year they win just enough games to get knocked out of that 1 spot. In their near two decade long history, Jacksonville has never had the 1 overall pick in a draft.

wholesale jerseys “Thank you!” cheered members of the crowd. The officers remained as a circle of people began to chant names of black Americans killed in infamous recent cases.”Trayvon Martin!” they called. “Philando Castile!”Cheers erupted, too, in the Iowa capital as Des Moines officers took a knee behind a police barricade. wholesale jerseys

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The reasons for the rise of those offenses in the NFL have grown familiar. This generation of quarterbacks has grown up playing in variations of the spread from peewee through college, many of them year round with the rise of seven on seven leagues. Quarterbacks reach the NFL wired to play a certain way, and limits on practice time instituted in the latest collective bargaining agreement don’t leave coaches enough time to reprogram them.