He is honestly probably up there with the likes of

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“It’s a wonderful piece of property that the Department of Interior is not really using. It’s just sitting there 300 acres on the Potomac River, across from National Harbor and MGM,” Hogan said. “Can you imagine the Redskins stadium on a ‘Monday Night Football’ [broadcast], looking at all the monuments reflecting in the Potomac River? It would be the nicest facility in America.”.

There’s also the fact that Palmer was named to the Pro Bowl only three times and never once was named a first team all pro. He also threw 187 career interceptions, with a full 3 percent of his career pass attempts going to the other team. That’s a worse percentage than such luminaries as Jeff George, Matt Schaub, Ken O’Brien and Kyle Orton..

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“We’ve got a great team. We’ve got a lot of confident players, a lot of confident coaches that trust in us,” right offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. Said. It’s not taunting he wasn’t taunting anybody. He’s not getting in anybody else’s face. He just threw the ball in the air, celebrating.

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Nearly flawless last year, the architects of a historic regular season, the Carolina Panthers tumbled deeper into disarray Sunday afternoon. The hallmark defensive toughness and singular brilliance of Cam Newton could not be found, buried under blown assignments, a woeful cast of offensive supporting characters and yet another vicious blow to Newton, for which he deserved blame. If 2015 is the shore, the Panthers are so far adrift they cannot see the beach..

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