For those who choose to play

After the game, the embarrassment continued. Much of the conversation centered on the NFL policing the cleats worn by Beckham and Jarvis Landry. The league told them at halftime to change their shoes or sit for the rest of the game because they weren’t complying with the rules.

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton needs more help around him on offense, not less. Tight end Greg Olsen is hurt and is not eligible to be activated from the injured reserve list until late November. Without Olsen or Benjamin, Newton will be lacking in pass catchers who truly scare a defense and who inspire complete trust by a quarterback..

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So, no, we aren suggesting a knee jerk donation to United Way of Wyoming Valley (or of any other place if you live outside this newspaper primary coverage area). But keep them in mind. Get to really know what they do (or re acquaint yourself with) what they do.

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Kolb hasn’t looked real good during the preseason and the fact that he looked good during garbage time against the Saints and against a horrible Kansas City team last year doesn’t give me the boost of confidence that it seems to be giving everyone else. He’s also shown a bit of a tendency to throw interceptions.He has the players there to be very successful if he plays well, but at this point I’m a bit hesitant about tomorrow. I’d love to see him do well, but I’m fully prepared for this to be an awful embarrassment.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Wentz lost a fumble to hand the Redskins a go ahead field goal late. But he rebounded to reclaim the lead with a touchdown pass to wide receiver Greg Ward Jr. With 26 seconds left, and the Eagles added a defensive touchdown with time expired.. For those who choose to play, the length of the preseason will be an issue. The league decided Wednesday, when team owners on the NFL’s bargaining committee met via conference call, to cut the preseason from four to two games per team. The league previously canceled the preseason opening Hall of Fame Game scheduled for Aug wholesale nfl jerseys.