Congress also can drive more action

Scott Wolla of the St. Louis Federal Reserve reported earlier this year, “In a 2017 poll, 83 percent of the economists surveyed agreed that state and local subsidies to build stadiums for professional sports teams is likely to cost the relevant taxpayers more than any local economic benefits that are generated. The NFL, its teams and its sponsors continue to benefit from a bonanza of tax free loans, municipal bonds, rent waivers and property tax exemptions..

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The recent string of shootings, from the first graders in Newtown, CT, to the movie goers in Aurora, CO, to the high schoolers in Bakersfield, CA, are affecting the way I view these playthings, even though they’re neon orange, fire bullets softer than marshmallowsand have bumblebee stickers on the barrel. I’m not alone: many parents are scrambling to take some any kind of action. One burgeoning trend has been banning toy guns at home.

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St. Louis Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty decried MLB’s lack of uniformity. “Why is it so hard to do something unified for 1 day?” Flaherty wrote on Twitter (he later deleted the tweet). Fresh off a morning walk through, and just 19 days before their season opener in Arizona, they entered the room filled with 15 large roundtables and 10 wall mounted televisions. To their left was one of their favorites: a smoothie bar stocked with single serving bags of frozen fruits, milk options and kale. To the right was a toppings filled salad bar, next to rows of six different lunch entree options and trays of pizza with thin Greek yogurt crusts..

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