After starting the game 3 of 8 for 30 yards and an

Wentz wonderful for Eagles Wentz looked unstoppable at times Monday night. After starting the game 3 of 8 for 30 yards and an interception, Wentz put together a stretch in which he completed 9 of 11 passes for 183 yards and three touchdowns in less than nine minutes of playing time. The Eagles scored 21 unanswered points after Wentz’s nine yard touchdown pass to running back Corey Clement in the third quarter..

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“We’ve had the spotlight on us every game, every week. I think a lot of people just look for us to fall and look for us to fail and hope that it comes cheap nfl jerseys this game. And they keep watching us hoping that it’s this game or this game or this game. “Serrel did everything we asked of wholesale nfl jerseys from china him the last two years and we are appreciative of his contributions to the program,” Turgeon said in the statement. “He was a great person to coach and a great teammate who helped lead us to a Big Ten Championship. We wish him nothing but the best.”.

Forbath, interestingly, remains without a job despite having connected on 87 percent of his field goal attempts while with the Washington Redskins. He is not known for having a strong leg on kickoffs and that probably has kept him from being signed by another team thus far. Still, his field goal accuracy should be tempting at a time when teams are losing games because of kicking misadventures..

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Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning have crafted careers wholly apart, empires rising across a vast sea. They shared an era without overlap and coexisted in separate spheres. Rodgers and Manning, two of the greatest to play the most glamorous position in American sports, squared off on Oct.

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