3 passer rating since Cousins departed for Minnesota

As a group, Washington’s quarterbacks have produced a 79.3 passer rating since Cousins departed for Minnesota last offseason. Only the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills have gotten worse performance from their quarterbacks over that span. However, all three of those teams have drafted, and are now starting, their potential young franchise quarterbacks..

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The Broncos and Patriots will be facing off for the first time, and the Colts also play a rising threat in the Cardinals. With plenty more to look out for, fans better be sure to tune in to the NFL this Sunday. Keep an eye out for the Thursday game between the Saints and Falcons too..

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European football is faced paced and the clock never stops. I prefer watching a soccer match over an NFL game anytime because of these two facts. The NFL has taken a game consisting of four fifteen minute quarters and been able to stretch it out for three hours!! Who has that kind of time?? And, who wants to spend the majority of that time watching beer and truck commercials? Not me..

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